Hospital Participation

All hospitals (both public and private) undertaking joint replacement contribute data to the AOANJRR.  All hospitals were contacted to participate in data collection for the AOANJRR.  Following initial contact with hospital administration and orthopaedic surgeons, a Data Collection Information document outlining the AOANJRR and data collection processes was provided to each hospital.  This document was prepared in a manner to allow hospital administrations the choice of presenting the document to an ethics, quality assurance or medical advisory committee.  Once approval was granted, procedures were implemented to commence data collection.  Each hospital nominates a hospital coordinator (usually a member of theatre nursing staff) to liaise with AOANJRR staff and be responsible for coordinating the completion and submission of data forms to the AOANJRR.

Implementation of the AOANJRR commenced in nine South Australian hospitals in September 1999.  Since that time all hospitals in Australia that undertake joint replacement have agreed to submit data.  Currently the Registry receives information on over 7,000 procedures per month from over 300 hospitals.

                               Date of Commencement by State and Territory 

State/Territory Commencement Date
   South Australia    September 1999
   Queensland    April 2000
   Western Australia    April 2000
   Victoria    July 2000
   Tasmania    September 2000
   Northern Territory     October 2000
   Australian Capital Territory     May 2001
   New South Wales     June 2001

Implementation was completed nationally by mid 2002; therefore 2003 was the first year of complete national data.